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New Year’s Day: Songs for New Beginnings

by Napster

New Year’s Day: Songs for New Beginnings

About this playlist

Is there anything like the feeling that takes over at the end of the year? We feel 100 percent satisfied in the knowledge that once the clock strikes midnight, our lives will get back on track. The hope! The resolve! We positively vibrate with possibilities. And with another year gone, we vow to be a better person, exercise more, quit smoking, take up a new hobby and reach for whatever it is we feel we're lacking.

Chances are once February hits, our end-of-year high will turn into post-New Year blues, but until then, we're ready to take on the world. This playlist is full of positive affirmations, lending encouragement in our time of need -- like the first time a cigarette or donut crosses our path. Who needs a life coach when you have U2’s “New Year’s Day”, Paul Weller’s “Brand New Start” or The Clash’s “Rudie Can’t Fail,” to steady you as you go? Consider it our gift to you. Just hit play.

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