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Celebrity Playlist: Echosmith

by Napster

Celebrity Playlist: Echosmith

About this playlist

It's already been a pretty good summer for Echosmith. The four-sibling indie pop band from sun-baked Chino, Calif., have been touring behind debut full-length Talking Dreams for months, adding an all-acoustic EP into the mix (Acoustic Dreams), along with an energetic late-night guest appearance with Conan O'Brien. And all that work has paid off -- their dreamy single "Cool Kids" has turned into a runaway success. Both the original, dance-inflected version and the stripped-down EP adaptation turn on a perfect midsummer sentiment: "I wish that I could be like the cool kids/ 'Cause other cool kids, they seem to fit in."

We caught up with the Sierota family (Jamie, Graham, Sydney, Noah) to find out what they've been jamming to recently, and they supplied us with a hefty playlist that cherry-picks tunes from across the rock landscape, from classic FM (The Who) to '90s Britpop (Blur and Oasis) to some of Echosmith's current favorites (Arcade Fire and The War on Drugs). What do all these tracks have in common? "These are the songs that will be the anthem to our summer," the Sierota siblings told Napster, "whether we need some music to amp us up before we take the stage at Warped Tour or we're just driving in the bus to get to the next show." We can't quite promise that checking out Echosmith's playlist will help you be one of the cool kids. But at least you'll know what the cool kids are listening to.

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