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The Supersonic Storybook by Urge Overkill



Urge Overkill

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Label: Touch And Go Records
U.O.'s third album, where they unequivocally grew into their rock-star aspirations, took the smirking irony with which they either alienated or seduced the pre-grunge alternative rock crowd and added a drummer (Blackie Onassis) who was able to hang with the band's post-punk indie rock/A.O.R. hybrid. There are no bad songs, but these also are not U.O.'s best songs, which they were supposed to be when the album appeared with its impeccable packaging in 1991. Still, "Emmaline" is a definitely high point for the band, and "The Kids Are Insane" sounds even better with the passage of time.

About This Album


About This Album