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Buried Behind the Barn by Slim Cessna's Auto Club


Thirteen Crimes

Slim Cessna's Auto Club

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Label: Alternative Tentacles
This set collects decade-old recordings from a spooky-ooky Denver cowpunk crew -- two previously found on a college-radio compilation, a few retooled for later albums. But at eight tracks, the half-hour length is perfect for these rustic gloomsters to avoid slipping into doldrums, and for non-goths to get off on their hopped-up hoedowns, the catchiest of which concern a fatal gunfight, a demonic codger strolling Main Street, and a mineworking in-law falling off the wagon and into the river. Elsewhere, they yodel over an Everly Brothers melody and invent a new dance called the "Earthquake."

About This Album


About This Album