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Loose by Nelly Furtado



Nelly Furtado

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Label: Mosley / Geffen
Forget the genial quasi-hippy who was once "Like a Bird." Loose showcases the bumping "promiscuous girl," the grinding "Maneater," a wholly reinvented siren -- Nelly Furtado, version 2.0. The Portuguese-Canadian teamed with uber-producer Timbaland for this collection of nuclear grade pop, hence the humongous beats and sleek synths nuzzling up to Furtado's buttery vocals. The fact that three singles -- "Maneater," "Promiscuous," and the saucy bilingual club track "No Hay Igual" -- were released simultaneously in different parts of the globe make the point: Furtado fancies herself the go-to diva of the global village.

About This Album


About This Album