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General Admission (Deluxe) by Machine Gun Kelly


Till I Die

Machine Gun Kelly

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Label: Bad Boy / Interscope
You can hear the contours of a unique voice emerging on General Admission. MGK flows like Juvenile circa “Back Dat Ass Up” on “Bad Mother F*cker,” puffs up like “Energy”-era Drake on “Eddie Cane,” and shouts out the working class boys feeding their families “Everyday.” He’s got lyrics, but his beats are a mess, from the airy AOR treacle of “Spotlight” and “Merry Go Round” to Crucial Conflict’s “Hay” sample for “Oz.” The unimpressive production nearly buries MGK’s vocal performance, but as he reminds us on “A Little More,” we can’t dismiss him as another “white boy with some rhythm and blues.”

About This Album


About This Album