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Broken Crown Halo by Lacuna Coil



Lacuna Coil

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Label: Century Media
Milan's foremost goth-siren metal act since the '90s, Lacuna Coil claim their seventh album is inspired by '70s Italian horror-soundtrack proggers Goblin. But it's still best when Cristina Scabbia slips into Middle Eastern mantra mode, amid the trip-hoppish pulsations of "Infection" and "I Burn in You" and the climax of depresso-ballad closer "One Cold Day." Most of the rest is more nondescript, and clunkily belched nü-metalcore backup doesn't help. But "Die & Rise" gets a decent industrial-meets-Gn'R churn going, capping hints of rapping with Scabbia's sweet Italo-staccato operatics.

About This Album


About This Album