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The Papercut Chronicles II by Gym Class Heroes


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Gym Class Heroes

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Label: Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen
On their first album since Travie McCoy's solo turn, Gym Class Heroes plays things a bit safe. The Papercut Chronicles II doesn't get as playful as previous efforts have. Mischievous titles take off in serious directions: "Martyrial Girl$" is pretty cynical, while "Ass Back Home" turns out to be a kinda heartwarming love song. Much of the quirk is reserved for collaborators: British dance-pop weirdo Neon Hitch, indie ingénue Oh Land. But who needs quirk when you've got slick beats, smooth flows and, of course, lots of girl talk, like on "Lazarus, Ze Gitan," a revamped "California Girls."

About This Album


About This Album