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Flight Of The Conchords by Flight Of The Conchords


Think About It

Flight Of The Conchords

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Label: Sub Pop Records
If you fancy yourself a fan of hip-hop, folk, reggae, R&B, new wave, world pop, indie pop, synth pop -- basically of music, period -- these Kiwis have got you covered. Droppin' names from Gerard Depardieu to Ravi Shankar, the loveable, gullible Grammy winners (no joke!) compile original songs from the first season of their HBO series. Showing off their erudite expertise in French culture, binary code and workin' the ladies, they ruminate over universal head-scratchers like, are hermaphrodites into themselves? Does David Bowie just have one really funky sequined spacesuit? Melodious wit at its finest.

About This Album


About This Album