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Dirty Little Rabbits by Dirty Little Rabbits


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Label: The End Records
After two EPs, Iowa's cutest goth quintet gets to stretch out, and does it fine -- albeit by repeating three of the six titles from 2009's marginally more user-friendly EP Simon. Stella Katsoudas, her voice quirking out like Kate Bush's niece over Iron Butterfly-gone-new-wave organ, sings of turning into butterflies and counting sheep. Guitars in "You Say" and "Professional Hit" do a tasty pop-psychedelic chime; "If" is a token piano ballad. The catchiest new songs -- "The Didn'ts," almost zany enough for Lene Lovich or Nina Hagen, and apparent band theme "Rabbit Holes" -- wait 'til the end.

About This Album


About This Album

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