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Specter At the Feast by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


Let the Day Begin

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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Label: Vagrant Records
Sonically speaking, Specter at the Feast is really nothing new for BRMC: It's fuzzy, slightly arty alterna-stuff falling somewhere between garage, shoegaze and Brit rock. This time around, however, the overall mood is far more dour. The album documents the group coping with the 2010 death of Michael Been, father of bassist Robert, as well as the band's trusted sound engineer. This really comes out on the acoustic "Lullaby" and the dream-pop mantra "Lose Yourself." That said, BRMC still know how to kick out the jams, which they do with the rave-ups "Hate the Taste" and "Teenage Disease."

About This Album


About This Album