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Of Woe and Wounds by Apostle Of Solitude


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Apostle Of Solitude

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Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
This supremely bummed-out Indiana bunch do doom right, wallowing in sorrow while rolling wobbly Saint Vitus and Trouble riffs down the back alley like they've spent their lives nodding out under black light posters, separating seeds and stems on a bongwater-logged Paranoid gatefold. "Lamentations of a Broken Man" indeed: "These are the blackest of times," so they're "lost in the labyrinth" wondering "how could a righteous God forgive a monster like me," as their "lists of regrets go on and on." Plenty of tasty breakdowns, too, and the unfortunately titled "Whore's Wings" is even kind of fast!

About This Album


About This Album